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U.S. Prime Rate5.250
12 Month LIBOR2.006
6 Month LIBOR2.047
COFI 11th District1.155
1 Year CMT1.820
10 Year CMT1.790
Last updated: 09/14
Equal Housing Lender

This was not the day at the beach

many Affluent Clients had in mind


The unprecedented disruption in the financial services sector has

left numerous High Net Worth Clients and your long standing

Relationships without access to credit lines, financing and income.

There is still a strong need for these assets to be financed,

yet many know not where to turn. 


Has the tide turned on your Client

leaving them high and dry?



Let us help you get your Troubled Client back into

the deep blue and running again by monetizing

their illiquid assets. LUXMAC Covino & Company's

Monetary Advisory Service and Liability Management Service

can prevent an otherwise liable financial profile.

When the Bank problems and Market dislocation become your

Clients problem, thats when we can help. 

Contact us to discuss how we can help