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U.S. Prime Rate8.500
12 Month LIBOR5.943
6 Month LIBOR5.731
COFI 11th District0.223
1 Year CMT5.170
10 Year CMT4.560
Last updated: 04/13
Equal Housing Lender

Is your business facing tough times? LUXMAC® can help!


We can get you cash FAST. 

Many businesses face financial hardships, sometimes that extra push is the last step towards financial freedom. With our skilled team of experienced financial consultants we will help you decide which option is best for you and the future of your business. 

Why a Cash Advance? 

We offer various programs and payback structures

If you have been in business for over 3 months, we can get you up to $500,000 per location

Regardless of credit history, No Collateral or Personal Guarantee required

Switching Merchant Processors is not required

Approvals in as soon as 24 Hours

Funds can be transferred as quickly as 72 hours, after approval

Flexible program lengths


Merchant Account Based Advances: A small portion of your future credit card sales is purchased and that money is advanced to you up front. 

Revenue Based Advances: Based on your monthly gross revenue & sales and verified by your bank deposits, cash is advanced to your business. 

Credit Card Split | Credit Card ACH | Fixed Daily ACH (not available in all states) | Adjustable Daily ACH 


What We Will Require: 

Completed Application (Download form Below) 

3 - 6 Months of most recent Credit Card Processing Statements

3 - 6 Months of most recent Bank Statements

Copy of your Drivers License

Copy of a Voided Check for the funds to be direct deposited



For More Information Email or Call Direct | 203.716.8452





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