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U.S. Prime Rate8.500
12 Month LIBOR5.943
6 Month LIBOR5.731
COFI 11th District0.223
1 Year CMT5.020
10 Year CMT4.330
Last updated: 02/24
Equal Housing Lender

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Date: 03/26/2010

Our Factoring Division offers a variety of financial products and services to our clients:Factoring, Purchase of Accounts Receivables, Specialized Funding, Letter of Credit, Purchase Orders financing, Debtor-in-possession financing The many benefits of Factoring include: Improving cash flow, Expanding working capital, bridge funding.

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Date: 03/26/2010

LUXMAC offers International Financing Advisory Services to qualified Financial institutions, Funds of Funds, Family Offices and High-Net-Worth individuals. Our objective is to achieve positive, absolute results while managing risk through Liability Management techniques. LUXMAC utilizes it's access to key decision makers in the International Financial Community.

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Date: 03/26/2010

Our Liability Management Program is the practice of managing risks that arise due to mismatches between the Assets and Liabilities (debts and assets) of our High-Net-Worth Clients seeking to maintain a highly liquid balance sheet.

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Date: 03/26/2010

LUXMAC's approach is fundamentally different. Our fiduciary obligation is to the borrower. We present your Transaction to a broad spectrum of potential capital sources and secure the best terms and pricing that the market can offer. LUXMAC remains involved in the transaction, sharing the burden of collecting and processing information, coordinating third party reports and driving towards a smooth and successful close.

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Date: 03/25/2010

With the stock market volatility and the housing slump, many wealthy individuals are looking to tap into another kind of equity...the kind hanging on their walls. Our clients range from high net worth individuals to established Art Collectors and Dealers that need fast access to Cash on Art that they own. We are bringing our Expertise and Cash Flow to an otherwise illiquid market.

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The Fundamental Cause of the Mortgage Meltdown

Date: 03/20/2010

Dehumanizing the Underwriting Process.


World's most expensive homes!

Date: 11/07/2007

Whether they're plunking down $20 million or close to $200 million, in Hong Kong, New York or Rio de Janeiro, potential buyers are generally cut from the same cloth.


Broker Magazine|Article

Date: 07/18/2007

Jumbos: Big Loans, Big Problems | High Balance Loans aren't immune from credit problems, especially if the borrower falls into the subprime category.