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U.S. Prime Rate4.750
12 Month LIBOR1.983
6 Month LIBOR1.923
COFI 11th District1.127
1 Year CMT1.580
10 Year CMT1.920
Last updated: 11/09
Equal Housing Lender

We are a leading Secondary Market Advisory Service.


LUXMAC® Covino & Company, Inc. has specialized in Super Jumbo Loans in excess of $5 Million on Estate and Commercial Properties worldwide for over a quarter of a century.



Luxury Estate Property Financing
 Project Finance | Turn Around & Restructuring | Corporate Finance | Distressed Debt
 Mergers/Acquisitions | Asset Based Lending | Joint Ventures
Equity Participation Mezzanine Financing | Non Recourse Loans | Receivable/Inventory Financing
Personal & Business Cash Flow Analysis |  Hedging Strategies | Swaps

Highlights of Our Programs


Financial Analysis and Private Client Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals

Corporate and Asset-based financing

Hard money

Bridge loans

Foreign Nationals OK

Builders welcome: mini perm construction loan takeout

Trusts, LLCs and Corporations OK

Loan Workouts

Distressed Loan Purchase Program